Teddy’s Story

Theodore “Teddy” A. Foltz-Tedesco was born January 15, 1999 and died January 26, 2013. Teddy was taken to Akron Children’s Hospital Mahoning Valley in Boardman by his mother, however his injuries were so severe he was immediately transferred to St. Elizabeth’s Health Center in Youngstown. After 3 years of keeping Teddy from his family, his mother continued to block access to even his father while he was critically ill in the hospital.

After repeated reports from neighbors to area Children’s Services authorities there was still no help for Teddy. When teachers noticed signs of abuse and reported it to authorities the mother pulled all 3 of her children out of the public school system and began home schooling them. 

Abuse and torture of the three boys had been going on for as long as 3 years. Evidence from Teddy’s examination and autopsy revealed severe frostbite from being made forced to shovel snow in bare feet, being repeatedly punched, having his head slammed against a wall, being made to walk on hot coals, and hit with pool sticks and bars of soap. 

The official cause of death was listed as severe head trauma.

How did this happen?

This ongoing abuse and torture was enabled by a family being isolated from everyone and and every source of help. Isolation is one of the highest indicators abuse is going on, however many are unaware of that. It happened because the laws in place to protect are children leave far too many loopholes and leave the ones that need protecting the most directly in harm’s path.

We encourage you to learn more about preventing child abuse and ask you to help us fight for Teddy’s law.

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